About Swarnabhoomi SEZ- The Land Of New Thinking

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MARG Swarnabhoomi, christened as the “Land of New Thinking”, is the campus of education, research, innovation, industry and living. Located on scenic East Coast Road (ECR), mid-way between Chennai and Puducherry, it has proximity to the Auto & Electronic industrial belts of the nation. This strategic ECR stretch is “the growth corridor” of the future and being close to Chennai, has access to world class academia. It is also well connected via road, rail & airport and unlike other industrial clusters, it has all the facilities to foster business. Away from common din of the cities, located at scenic backwaters of ECR, the city is planned in such a way that it harmonizes with nature and offers scenic tranquility and peacefulness to uplift human mind and soul.

Leading a trend:

With the growth in Indian population from 1.21 bn to 1.47 bn in 2030 and a current literacy rate of 74%, rejuvenation of existing small urban centres into bustling industrial hubs is a must. Trends show that urban population will grow by 240 mn in the next two decades. On this basis, McKinsey Global Institute Report (Ministry of Agriculture) states that we can easily build 350 cities of 100 sq km without touching the forest area and water bodies through proper planning. These new cities will be essential to tackle urbanization issues like hygiene, pollution and traffic snarls. MARG Swarnabhoomi is only leading this trend and is well on its way to be an innovative ‘people & resource efficient city’ that is attracting global talent.

Smartly Innovative & Efficient:

MARG Swarnabhoomi follows the mantra of “Innovation and Efficiency”. Today we have smart telecom systems, smart cars and smart healthcare. Then why not a city that boasts of an smart ecosystem and a smart regional hub?

The city has a uniquely SMART ECOSYSTEM:

  • It is sustainable & inclusive
  • It is a water and fuel efficient city
  • It is a energy and people efficient city
  • It is supported by an upcoming residential inventory of 14,000 homes
  • It has research , innovation, industry and education centres to energize life
  • It is backed by 24×7 security & technologically advanced medium for water treatment and recycling
  • It is a green city surround by an ecologically pristine environment
  • It is Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) pilot project for “Platinum Rated City”

Eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies:

At MARG Swarnabhoomi, eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies have been adopted to ensure sustainability. It will have:

  • A pedestrian friendly street design
  • A 10-minute walk to work and most of the basic amenities along the way
  • Interconnected street grid network to disperse traffic and ease walking
  • Mix of shops, offices, industries apartments & homes, ensuring diversity of people
  • Range of housing types (sizes and prices) to cater to all segments

Cutting edge research, academia and industrial set up:

The city will house an R&D hub and an innovation led futuristic Science Park supported by an educational, commercial and residential framework and brings together educational institutions, manufacturing & research companies, IT services firms, housing and healthcare facilities, all under one roof. It has already roped in several companies including the likes of Grundfos India, Polyhose, Van Spall Associates, Virgo, Kwikpatch and Sumeet Machines in the engineering category. Strand Bioprocesses, Biophenolika Polymers Ltd and Micro Therapeutics Research labs have been tied up in the Research & Innovation domain

MARG Swarnabhoomi has also partnered with Virginia Tech, the U.S. based university to setup a campus offering Advanced Master’s and Ph.D programs for approx 300 students in engineering auto & transportation systems.

MARG Navajyothi Vidyalaya based on CBSE syllabus and Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) are already operational.

Exemplarr Worldwide launched in 1999, is a fast growing and diversified KPO and BPO solutions provider offering services in the domains of e-publishing, e-learning, legal services and architectural & engineering services has launched its state-of-the-art ‘Operations Facility and Finishing School’ at Amrita Research and Innovation Park in MARG Swarnabhoomi.

To know more, visit www.margswarnabhoomi.com


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