Marg Swarnabhoomi Beach View Plots


There’s no greater joy on earth than owning a piece of it.


Launching villa plots on East Coast Road (ECR), Chennai

Imagine a lush, serene land where you are king. Where your world is the law of the land and every man’s command.

Launching Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes. With a wide variety of villa plots on ECR, Chennai Scenic Corridor to choose from, here’s your chance to have your kingdom.

The joy of owning a villa plot. The joy of investment

Highly appreciable villa plots are now available near MARG Swarnabhoomi, a city of aspirations for the future.

These plots enjoy access to all shared facilities at MARG Swarnabhomi. Just a step away from the proposed industrial projects of NTPC and BGR Energy, they are also close to the proposed Southern India railway station at MARG Swarnabhoomi.

Their ideal location in a rapidly developing urban area promises not only a high return on your investment, but also high value appreciation in the near future.

Why Swarnabhoomi CityScape

Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes, an ambitious venture of MARG Swarnabhoomi to fulfill the dreams of people to own a plot. Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes proudly launches a wide range of highly appreciable villa plots on scenic ECR. There are number of reasons why you should choose Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes

  • From the house of MARG Group, one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies in India with 3000 crores worth of projects in progress
  • All the villa plots are flavored by MARG’s trust and transparency
  • These villa plots are located around MARG Swarnabhoomi, a 1000 acre aspiration city – Huge scope for high appreciations
  • Part of MARG Swarnabhoomi’s vision of 10,000 acre regional development
  • The region attracted other investments like proposed NTCP power plant, BGR Energy plant, TTDC sports complex and theme park
  • Access to shared facilities at MARG Swarnabhoomi
  • Strategically located to address work-life balance

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