Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music announces Student Exchange programs with McNally Smith College of Music


McNally Smith Joint Programs


Student Exchange Program

SAM and McNally Smith College of Music, USA (MSCM) signed The “International Experience Agreement”(IEA) in April 2012 which paves the way for semester abroad programs for SAM and McNally students. Under the IEA, a SAM student can take a semester abroad and study at MSCM and an MCSM student can take a semester abroad and study at SAM.

To celebrate this landmark arrangement, SAM will also provide a significant scholarship to interested students who would like to do a semester at MSCM to enable SAM exchange students get a semester education at MSCM at a cost much lower than the regular MSCM fees. Under the IEA, SAM students may take up to fifteen (15) credits per semester at MSCM. Of these fifteen credits, two (2) credits may be APP (Private Lessons) courses once they are accepted to MSCM.

After the semester abroad, SAM and MSCM students will return to their respective institutions to complete the rest of their academic program.

Credit Transfer Program

SAM and MSCM have partnered to enable our students to pursue a degree program in Music there after their graduation from SAM. Students who graduate from SAM can transfer upto 60 credits of SAM instruction to McNally, roughly the equivalent of 2 years worth of study. This makes it possible for a student to go to SAM for 2 years and do a Diploma program and then go to MSCM for 2 more years and get a degree in Music from MSCM. Top graduating SAM students of SAM recommended are also eligible for generous exclusive scholarships from MSCM.

McNally Smith is one of the largest colleges of music in the US with an enrollment of nearly 700 students, top class faculty and facilities. For more information about McNally, visit the college web site at www.mcnallysmith.edu


for MOre Details Visit : http://www.sam.org.in


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