New Property Tax Cards will be issued in Chennai

The Chennai Municipal Corporation had distributed Property Tax Cards valid for the period between 2007 and March 2012, to 6.5 lakh owners of houses in Chennai and other properties under the old city limits, for records of property tax payments.

After the merging of new areas, the city now has 200 wards and the civic body also has to distribute cards to over 10 lakh assesses in the newly merged areas.

Some owners have started using the internet and other hand-held devices for payment of property tax, but most of the city’s residents still rely on the property tax demand card as an important legal document.

The card is also crucial for those selling their property, since the document is taken as the basis for a change in name of the owner for Metro water supply and electricity supply.

It is found that thousands of residents who pay their property tax in advance have been severely affected because of the delay in printing the property tax demand cards.

The Chennai Corporation Commissioner said that the issue of new Property Tax cards will start from next week. The delay in printing the cards happened as the integration of the database of property tax assesses has consumed additional time.


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