Green Kalam completes 1 million saplings across tamil nadu

  • Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India will be planting the millionth tree sapling at Cuddalore Collectorate on 7.6.12
  • Brand Ambassador of Green Kalam Movement, Actor Vivekh instrumental in achieving this feat
  • Actor Vivek will be planting a sapling as a symbolic GREEN MISSION gesture on World Environment Day
  • MARG Karaikal Port lends support to this noble cause
  • Part of MARG’s target to plant 2 lakh saplings at MARG Karaikal Port and MARG Swarnabhoomi

‘Green Kalam’, a mega environment friendly initiative has successfully completed plantation of more than 1 million tree saplings across Tamil Nadu. The initiative spearheaded by Padmashree Actor Vivekh who is the brand ambassador of Green Kalam movement with extraordinary support of associates and MARG Karaikal Port has helped achieve the desire of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam to plant 10 lakh saplings across Tamil Nadu.

To celebrate this amazing feat of a million saplings planted, the Green Kalam team in association with MARG Karaikal Port is organizing a special event at rishnaswamy College grounds, Cuddalore on 7 th June 2012. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India along with Actor Padmashree Vivekh who is also the brand ambassador of Green Kalam Movement and other eminent personalities such as Rajendra Ratnoo, IAS, District Collector – Cuddalore, GRK Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, MARG Group, V. Ponraj, Scientific Advisor to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Dr. K Rajendran, Chairman, Shri Krishnasamy Reddiar Educational Trust will grace the occasion. Dr. Kalam will plant the millionth tree sapling at Cuddalore Collectorate and propagate the importance of planting tree saplings as a investment for our future generations.

Green Kalam is a mega environment friendly initiative increasing awareness about our dependence on trees for survival and the need to understand the importance of green environment in the life of each and every individual. It all began when Dr. Kalam asked Actor Vivekh to campaign against global warming by planting green saplings all over Tamil Nadu and the actor who is a Padmashree awardee instantly agreed. This set the stage for the launch of Green Kalam project. Actor Vivekh began the project with active support of MARG Karaikal Port and named it after Dr. Kalam. Several NGOs, educational institutions, MARG Karaikal Port, Park Group of Colleges, Maha College of Engineering, Sri Sai Ram Polytechnic College, Siruthuli, Anna University, Annamalai University and Sakthi Masala have donated the 10 lakh saplings.

Excited over the overwhelming response to a most successful endeavour, Brand Ambassador of Green Kalam Movement, Actor Padmashree Vivekh says “I’m so glad that I could realize this mammoth task of planting ten lakh tree saplings which started as a small thought from our former President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This wouldn’t be possible without the active involvement of youngsters and the indomitable support that the project received from MARG Karaikal Port and other like minded institutions. The team was so involved in the task that when we achieved the target of planting a million saplings across the state, we never realized. I feel a sense of satisfaction that I have done something to the environment.”

MARG’s involvement in this tree plantation endeavor is part of the Group’s philosophy to constantly improve of our environment. As an environmentally responsible corporate, MARG have planted 25,000 saplings at MARG Swarnabhoomi as part of the Green Kalam initiative and another 25000 as a separate initiative while MARG Karaikal Port has already planted over 50000 saplings. This is not just a onetime contribution to this noble cause by MARG’s group companies but symbolizes a continuous process that accords highest importance and priority to environment conservation. MARG and its group companies like MARG Karaikal Port are committed to protect and promote environmental friendly products, systems and processes.

Commenting on this amazing achievement, GRK Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, MARG Group, said “It is an honour to be a part of this initiative which draws inspiration from our honorary former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Actor Padmashree Vivekh and his team have done a wonderful job in successfully planting of 10 lakh saplings across the state. I am glad that MARG Karaikal, Port has actively associated with this path-breaking Green Movement as it is very important for Corporates to facilitate environment friendly activities and measures. I wish lot of green initiatives such as this to emerge to make our planet a better living place.”

MARG has been an active promoter of mega environment campaigns in the State that aimed to educate and encourage public for immediate action to mitigate pollution and to promote eco-friendly measures. In the recent past, MARG’s mass environment campaigns include MARG Lightsout Campaign popularly called 5 tens Lightsout campaign, MARG Swarnabhoomi Puduvai Marathon 2010, Mahayagnam of tree sapling plantation etc.


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