About MSICT (MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology)

MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology,marg swarnabhoomi,MSICT

MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology, with LUCT worldwide, as academic twining partnership will offer globally recognized, certificate & degree programs in varied discipline from skill development training to intricate courses in design & creative technology

LUCT, one of the leading universities in Asia, is pioneer in next generation courses in design and creative technology. Its an internationally acclaimed university with over 30,000 students from around 150 countries and branches in 12 campuses across globe

MSICT will provide global exposure that enables students to gain a wider understanding of how the real world interacts. Curriculum in MSICT is designed keeping in mind the global job requirements. The courses are recognized globally and have compatibility with both Indian and global environment


  • Focus on courses which is accepted globally
  • Flexible entry options (from 10th & 12th Std)
  • Use of Innovative Teaching tools
  • Expert Faculty from India and abroad
  • Opportunity for students to move between and across Limkokwing campuses

Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor in Fashion & Retailing
  2. Bachelor in Creative Multimedia

Professional Certificate

  1. Professional Certificate in Fashion Design
  2. Professional Certificate in Hair Design
  3. Professional Certificate in Digital Phototgraphy
  4. Professional Certificate in Graphic Design
  5. Professional Certificate in Games Art
  6. Professional Certificate in Event MAnagement
  7. Professional Certificate in Brand Management
  8. Professional Certificate in Tourism Management


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