MSICT offer certificate & degree programs in design & creative technology


Digital skills and new knowledge are needed to strengthen India’s economy so it may be well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities arising worldwide. MSICT in collaboration with Limkokwing University are providing opportunities for qualified Indians to take up study in a wide selection of programmes. MSICT seeks to empower a new generation of Indians so they may gain the confidence to venture into entrepreneurial activities that will expand India’s economy with the establishment and development of creative industries.

MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology,MSICT,Limkokwing University of Creative Technology,Marg Swarnabhoomi

  • The iconic Malaysian University’s ‘innovative ‘vision on education comes Indian platform for the first time!
  • International quality education with 70% industry involvement offered in a truly global campus
  • Global classroom , for international exposure and knowhow exchange
  • Semester abroad at Limkokwing campuses in London/ Malaysia
  • New age career options designed to consider the global economic scenario
  • Courses at MSICT have huge potential in India & abroad
  • 1 lakh sq.ft. campus at MARG Swarnabhoomi’s to offer programs in varied disciplines ranging from career up gradation to integrated courses in designing & creative technologies


Degree Courses :

MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology,MSICT,Marg Swarnabhoomi,Limkokwing University of Creative Technology


The Bachelor’s course in Fashion & Retailing strives to develop student capabilities in international fashion and retail industry. The program ensures students obtain a firm foundation in research, design methods and practical skills in drawing, communications and fashion photography. In the program, the students are introduced to the skills of construction in sewing, flat pattern drafting and illustration as well as business and retailing aspect of fashion industry

Scope of Fashion Design & Retailing

  • Most Sought after courses after 12th in India & internationally
  • Better prospectus both in terms of salary and growth of fashion design jobs is enormous and extends beyond India’s markets to international markets
  • Good remuneration in India & Abroad
  • Demand Supply- Mega Malls are mushrooming all over. The Retail sector is witnessing a virtual explosion, TATA , Amabanis,Birla, Wadia, have forayed into this sector The fashion market will require thousands of trained professionals in the fields of design, management, communication and retailing.
  • Multiple job options from fashion designer for label to entrepreneurship
  • Fashion has moved from walls of the fashion houses to dressing for every occasion; including appropriate everyday wear for office to elegant trousseau
  • Most of great Fashion Designers in India and abroad are first generation Fashion Designers – Designers are made!
  • As much there is a requirement of fashion trend , there is need for proper display of the same
  • A fashion is in or out is defined by the retailers/ exhibitors on how they want to influence the masses “what you see is what you buy” is popular concept ruling the retail market.
  • Fashion houses have grown in as big business different from regular retail business It requires expertise in the sector to handle the same as per the ever changing demand of the industry
  • Indians have not only impressed the world with their power, style and sensibility, but the country has a great understanding of the business dynamics of this colossal international industry
  • Of total 396 USD billion Retail Market, Fashion is next after food with over 40 billion USD market- there is no expert training in managing the fashion retailing


BACHELOR IN CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA,MSICT,Marg Swarnabhoomi,MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology,Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

This programme is developed to meet the growing requirement and demands of animation studios globally. The programme focuses on the development of individual creative expression using experimental and innovative animation techniques. The course goes beyond teaching only the nuances of technology related to multimedia- it trains students for production management and evaluation

Scope of Creative Multimedia

  • With boom in mobile device , and expected evolution to high- tech instruments multimedia is to play key role in application, entertainment and education
  • High income potential
  • International exposure
  • Professions that can be pursued ranges from Animators Artists & designers in 3d & multimedia to Specialist, producers, editors etc.

Employment opportunity in varied industries

  • Entertainment & fine art
  • Education- Increase in multimedia usage for interactive education
  • Journalism – News is not restricted to print & TV/Air broadcasting , International/national news companies are looking are using multi-media to spread awareness
  • Engineering- Computer simulation and 3d visuals
  • Industry- Multimedia is also helpful for providing employee training, advertising and selling products all over the world via virtually unlimited web-based technology
  • Mathematical and scientific research- for modeling and simulation
  • Medicine- virtual surgery
  • Document imaging- Document imaging is a technique that takes hard copy of an image/document and converts it into a digital format
  • Disabilities- Ability Media allows those with disabilities to gain qualifications in the multimedia field so they can pursue careers that give them access to a wide array of powerful communication forms


MARG Swarnabhoomi,Campus,MSICT,MARG Swarnabhoomi Institute of Creative Technology,Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Campus is located in green haven of ‘MARG Swarnabhoomi‘ on scenic ECR road (click here for location).Spread in 4 acres of state-of the art campus, everything in the campus talks about creativity. The piano shape building with artistic mural is fully equipped with modern educational tools. Advance studio and lab ensures that quality education is imparted utilizing hi tech equipments. The in-house kitchen in campus serves cuisine from all over the world

Hostel facilities

  • Fully furnished Luxurious hostel rooms, separate for boys and girls
  • A/C, Non A/C , single and sharing options available.
  • Highly secured facility, equipped with CCTV cameras and guarded by a security personnel 24X7
  • Multi-cuisine kitchen prepares diverse food from all over across the globe to please your taste buds everyday
  • Guest house facility for visitors is available
  • Recreational facilities , such as Gym, Swimming pool , basketball court, TT court etc available
  • Laundromat, ATM, departmental store, petrol pump available in MARG Swarnabhoomi


About Marg Swarnabhoomi :


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