MARG students showcase their creative brilliance

MIDAS,marg swarnabhoomi,marg institute of design and architecture swarnabhoomi

Jaffer A. A. Khan (second from left), director MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi explains an exhibit to Goethe-Institut Chennai director Karl Pechatscheck (second right) and MARG group CMD G. R. K. Reddy (right) at Lalit Kala Academi in Chennai. Also seen is R. Bhagwan Singh (left), consulting editor, Deccan Chronicle. — DC

Fifty-six second year B. Arch students of MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi have come out with an exhibition in the city to showcase their art designs and innovative patterns. The exhibition, inaugurated at Lalit Kala Academi in the city on Tuesday, will be held till Sunday.

“We wanted to show the world what we do at Swarnabhoomi,” said C. Jeyashri, a second year student. She said the institute provides them an opportunity to look beyond the syllabus and try out newer things.

“If the class is about pottery and wood carving, we are given clay, wood and chisel to carve. If it is about villa designing, then they take us to the site and make us feel the place and show what is done there,” she added.

Goethe-Institut Chennai director Karl Pechatscheck, who inaugurated the exhibition, exhorted the budding architecture students to create a better life for the mankind and help all people to live in peace.

The guest of honour, R. Bhagwan Singh, consulting editor, Deccan Chronicle, praised the students for implementing MARG’s philosophy to ‘stay green’ by converting waste into attractive art pieces.

Calling for newer models of development to create an eco system, G. R. K. Reddy, chairman and managing director, MARG group, said the days of thinking about poverty alon, as a big crisis is gone.

He the planners should gear up to meet the housing requirements of the growing urbanisation.



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