Conceiving a climate-suited building design

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When you see a half lit dome made with paper cups, a DNA-shaped glass exhibit with a do-not-touch tag, a canvas with coloured plastic bottles and other such intelligently designed exhibits, you know you are not in just another exhibition.

MARG Institute of Design and Architecture, Swarnabhoomi (MIDAS), organised a six-day exhibition which recently concluded at the Lalit Kala Akademi to showcase the work done by its students throughout the year.

As part of the event, popular architect Sanjay Mohe addressed the students of MIDAS and other leading architects in the city recently.

As everyone settled down in the room, he began the talk with a basic word ‘conceptualisation’. Going back in time a little, Sanjay recalled that before becoming an architect, he always wondered how anyone could come up with ideas for design. He then answered his own question, “It is either talent, sheer hard work or divine intervention.” He added, “Being able to imagine a design is the most essential bit. But architecture doesn’t end there. One must put in a lot hard work and be able to work as a team.”

Not many of us would think of architecture to be as simple as what Sanjay made it out to be. He explained, “One needs to be observant to find ideas. It is that simple.” He continued, “What most of us miss is the colour and dimension nature offers us. We can learn so much from it.”

Moving on to the next clip in his presentation, he assured students that climate was a governing factor when it came to architecture. He pointed to the houses in Kerala along with the ones in Rajasthan on screen and said, “The design and positioning of the houses is because of the climatic differences.”

The other important pointer he gave his audience was the ability to imagine oneself in the space one was sketching. As the crowd grew attentive, he switched to the image of a semi-joined pair of hands which arched just enough to form an enclosed space. Inspired from the photograph, he said, “After sketching and eliminating unwanted structures from the drawing, I got a different design for a project which was later shelved.”

AP Ganessh Ram, CEO, MARG Swarnabhoomi, congratulated the students for putting up a brilliant show and conveyed his regards to Sanjay Mohe for having delivered a special address.



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