Understanding Land Measurements in Tamil Nadu

Here are the details of commonly used terms which denote the measurements concerning plot of land.
Understood in local parlance..!
Variations in terms used for measurement of  lands are often local & have to be understood in local parlance.
Any one of  you may be buying lands in various places. In fact, it could be anywhere in India. Investment opportunities are wide.
Many gated community properties – Lands enclosed by compound walls, fences, etc with a scope for development –  are promoted. Same time, find variations in terms used for measurement of lands.
These terms are often local & may have to be understood in local parlance. We have provided particulars of commonly used terms which you may frequently come across in various documents across India, but may not have an idea of what the measurement is, compared to the terms you are familiar with. There could still be certain local variations, but broadly the measurements as indicated and as converted would be applicable.
Major of you would be familiar with the term “Acre”. This is a commonly used term. The equivalent terms are given in a simple format for your easy understanding.
In respect of certain other terms of measurements which you may not be familiar, measurement equivalent to one Acre would be as follows:
To give you a further idea of the various terms, We ars giving you particulars of these measurements in square feet (sq. ft) as well.
Following the same order, the particulars in sq. ft for the following other measurements are as follows:
In respect of the other measurements, the sq. ft equivalent will be as follows:
There is also a term called  ‘Dhur’ which is equal to 16.9 squrare.meters.
You may come across usages like ‘poles’.
One hundred and 60 Square Poles make an acre which is same as ‘Square Perches’ & also ‘Square Rods’.
There are also measurements like ‘Chain’. One Chain is equivalent to 66 feet or 4 rods or 100 links, or 20.1168 metres.
A Link is a term of measurement equivalent to 7.92 inches or 0.66 feet or 0.2017 metres.
One metre is equivalent to 3.280833 feet of 39.37 inches. One Square Metre will work out to 10.764 Sq.ft.
You may also come across terms like ‘Cawnie’ also spelt as ‘Cawny’ which is equal to 1.322 acres.
A ‘Kuzhi’ is equal to 144 Square feet.
About 3 Kuzhis are equal to one Cent, 300 Kuzhis make up one ‘Maa’.
A ‘Kila’ (also known as ‘Keela’) is equal to an acre in measurement, but is always rectangular in shape. One ‘Karam” is equivalent to 5.5 Square feet.
There are also big measures known as ‘Kothis’ which may be equal to 3 to 4 Kanals & at times, 4to 6 Kanals.
There could be variance in Biswa measurements also – 12 Biswas measuring 1 Kanal & 20 Biswas measuring 1 Bigha.
One ‘Mile’ is nearly 5,280 Feet. A ‘Square Mile’ is equivalent to 2,78,78,400 Sq.ft. This is also equal to nearly 640 Acres or 259 Hectares. It is also expressed as 2.59 Square Hectares.
 A Hectare is computed as equal to 10,000 Square meters. This will work out to about 11,959.9 Square yards. This is equal to 1,07,639.10 Square feet. Simply stated, a Hectare is 2.471 acres.
You may have heard about ‘Township‘ developments. A Township is typically a development comprising 6 Miles X 6 Miles or 36 Sq.Miles. This is also equivalent to 36 Sections – 1 Section is typically 1 Mile x 1 Mile.
As already stated, in each area, there could be a variation & it will be advisable to get a feedback on actual measurement based on the locality in which the properties that you buy or deal with may be actually situated. This is given by way of general information for you to have a broad based understanding of what is the likely area that you are dealing with.
India is a vast country with varying cultures. The systems of measurements and extents have a whiff of such underlying cultures & have their own interesting features.
An understanding of the terms will also be helpful in providing insights to a wonderful and intricate pattern of mosaic that has bonded us as a country.
Source: RANK Associates, Advocates, Chennai.

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