Lake View Villa Plots From Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes Starting from 7.57* Lakhs

Lake View Gardens

Now, build your independent dream home in villa plots starting at just
Rs. 7.57* lakhs.

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lake view villa plots – swarnabhoomi cityscapes

Located on ECR, Chennai, ‘Your Villa Plots’ at Lake View Gardens give you the opportunity to build your very own villa, designed the way you’ve always wanted to.

  • Serviced villa plots for complete design flexibility
  • Private plots separated by garden areas
  • Black-top roads and avenue trees
  • Open air theatre and children play areas
  • Lakeview, Linear, Rock, Bodhi & Geriatric gardens
  • Lake fountains, deck and duck pond
  • Fully equipped clubhouse

Enjoy special benefits with membership to Greater Swarnabhoomi Citizen’s Club.

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Lake View Villa Plots on Ecr – Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes


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Lake VIew Garden Plots Location Map – Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes

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Lake VIew Garden Plots Layout Plan- Swarnabhoomi Cityscapes

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Download Lake view garden plots brochure


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