CMDA fast tracks approvals for smaller projects

In the backdrop of inordinate delay in getting clearances for projects, CMDA has created a ‘Green Channel Clearance’, a fast track project approval mechanism for smaller projects within Chennai. Thanks to Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), a section of builders and individuals manage to get approvals from the regulatory agency in just a fortnight. The system which facilitates speedy approval of projects has been picking up in recent months. In the last one year, 70 apartment projects were cleared by the CMDA under the green channel. On the other hand, the number of applications submitted through the normal route during the same period was more than 1,000. A majority of them are still pending. The thumb rule in the CMDA is that if there is an application submitted under the green channel, do not delay it for more than two weeks. Green channel applications enjoy many privileges. First and foremost, they are given priority and hence jump the waiting list. Inspection of the site by CMDA officials, a time-consuming exercise, is also done away with. Legal scrutiny of the property documents is also dispensed with. However, there are other stipulations: The plot should be part of a CMDA approved layout or Tamil Nadu Housing Board layout, or it should not have been subdivided after 1975 – when the first master plan was released for Chennai Metropolitan Area – and an architect should certify the road width and the project plan saying they adhere to the development regulation rules. “We have not rejected even a single application submitted under the green channel in the last one year,” said the official. He said a majority of green channel applications are for projects on two grounds of land (one ground is 2,400 sqft). Builders, however, say green channel helps hardly eight to 10 percent of the projects in the city. “If we club two CMDA approved plots, it won’t classify under the green channel. Similarly, multi-storeyed buildings are not covered under the system,” a builder said.



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