High rise buildings in Chennai to depend on solar for 2% energy needs

With the ever increasing power deficit taking a toll on the economy, the Tamil Nadu government is planning to make it mandatory for major industries, high-rise apartment complexes, major institutions and hotels to meet 2% of their energy needs from solar sources. State environment minister B V Ramana said this on the sidelines of a meeting with the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board officials here on Monday. He said the environment department was debating the proposal, and it would be rolled out as a green initiative.

The proposal may lessen the burden on the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, given the wide gap of 4,000 MW between demand and supply. Unable to supply power, the TNEB is imposing up to 12 hours of power cuts in many rural areas. “Solar system is cost intensive. Unless developers are given subsidies, it cannot be promoted. Only the enduser has to bear the cost.

A one KW solar panel with battery costs . 2.3 lakh and generates four units a day. A similar unit without battery costs . 1.2 lakh and generates five units.

Going Green

  • Tamil Nadu is facing a shortage of 4,000MW as on date
  • TNEB has been imposing 12-hr power cuts in some rural areas
  • Major industries, high-rises & institutions to be asked to meet 2% of their energy requirements through solar power
  • As demand rises, there may be a fall in cost of solar panels which now cost between 1.2 lakh and 2.3 lakh

Source: The Times of India, Chennai


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