Architect Chitra Vishwanath visit to MIDAS

Ar.Chitra Vishwanath, Principal Architect & Managing Director of Architecture Biome, lectured at MIDAS addressing the budding architects on the need to evolve ecologically responsive architecture. Her practice is widely known for its eco-sensitive building design specialization in Earth Architecture and transforming the traditional building techniques relevant to urban settings.

Architecture Biome is also involved in giving strategic consultancy towards issues of water, sanitation, alternative energy and consulting for other architects in making their projects ecological. Biome also conducts workshops for school children, college students and does training in rainwater harvesting and building techniques.

Ar.Chitra spoke about the global scenario of Carbon footprint and the increasing CO2 emissions. The role of the construction industry in contributing to the solid waste and hence the onus on the architects to produce responsible building designs. The lecture covered the use of waste products in building construction and need for the necessary expertise to implement the good ideas.

The veteran architect reviewed the III Semester student works on their Primary School Design and encouraged the students to evolve as sensitive leaders in the profession


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