Studies have shown that good health and Vaastu are closely-related. Following some basic guidelines will promote well-being and prosperity

Our cosmos is made up of five basic elements, that is the Earth, Sky, Water, Fire and the Air. Any imbalance in these elements brings about a discomfort outside and within the human body. We may not feel this immediately but the change in the systems of the body makes us realise that something is wrong. Some people try to bring equality or Firebalance by objective means like meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Kundalini Awakening etc. This helps to accelerate the movement of energy and brings about results.

By following the principles of Vaastu laid down by the ancient Indian scholars, we try to do away with negative energy and mental agony, and achieve mental peace. By implementing Vaastu remedies, numerous health problems have been mitigated from the lives of people around the globe, since human energy is affected by many things including lighting, colours, plants, the placement of furniture, and very much by the shape and size of a building and the materials used for construction.

People working on building based on Vaastu principles find that their thoughts are clear and creative, make better decisions, feel happier and healthier. They feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day, and experience less stress finding greater peace of mind. They have improved communication at all levels, have enhanced problem solving abilities, improve their working performance, financial abilities and prospects. Vaastu provides a set of principles for the general layout, furniture placement and interior decor of the built environment including landscaping, gardens, car parks, storage facilities etc. These principles produce a balancing and harmonising affect on the environment and its inhabitants.

Studies have shown that good health and Vaastu are closely-related. It is an established fact that the Earth has a magnetic field. Some of the radiation from the Earth is beneficial, while some are hazardous. The ancient science of Vaastu is based on realistic energy effects, be it solar, magnetic, radiation or sound energy in the cosmos. If we adopt the principles of Vaastu in our residence and work place, these immense energies of the Almighty God will begin to support us.



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