Highest property tax collection recorded in 4 years

Chennai: Crossing the 210 crore mark, the highest for the first half period in more than four years, Chennai Corporation’s property tax collection has touched a new level. Usually the Corporation falls short in collecting the target amount but this year it’s in surplus.

The tax collection from April 1 to September 30 this year was 167.67 crore from the areas which make up the city corporation. Excluding the tax collected from the areas that recently came into the corporation zone due to expansion, it’s 18% more than 149.27 crore collected in the same period in 2011. For the same period in 2010, 146.45 crore was collected.  Corporation officials declared that the tax collected in the first half year period is 40% more than the target set for the whole year which stood at 477 crore. “We hope to come closer to meeting the target,” said a senior corporation official.

Corporation commissioner D Karthikeyan said that the property tax figure is galvanizing however the tax collection is intense only in February and March.  “Routine collections happen, but we intensify the drive with advertisements in the media and more reminders in those months,” he added. Property tax is levied twice a year but generally citizens pay the full amount in March only. Hence collections remained low till February in a last few years.

Reports say that Corporation has achieved 227 crore from April 2011 till February 2012. As the civic body’s perimeter has been increased from 174 sq km to 476 sq km, Corporation has pulled up the avenues for property tax payments and awareness permeates the city resulting into a rise in the tax collection.

Chennai is an example of correct administration and an inspiration for other states to follow up the property tax collection effectively.



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