5 Day Intensive Performance Camp, 26 – 30 Nov 2012

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music’s next 5 Day Intensive Performance Camp in Music is from November 26 to 30, 2012 and is open to all musicians.

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music,Marg Swarnabhoomi,

These camps are a great way to experience the joy of making music and learning surrounded by great musicians set in an awe-inspiring environment that is Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. Over a hundred musicians from India, UK, Germany, USA and other countries have attended previous 5 day Camps at SAM and have had their lives transformed. These include singers, guitarists, drummers, bassists, saxophonists, Midi wind players, arrangers, producers and more.


The faculty for this Camp are,

  • Fjoralba Turku from Albania
  • Prasanna from India
  • Juancho Herrera from Venezuela
  • Dario Boente from Argentina
  • Steve Zerlin from USA
  • Phil Maturano from USA
  • Dr. S Karthick from India

The previous 5 day Camps at SAM have had star faculty such as drummers 8 time Grammy Award winner Rodney Holmes, MacArthur Fellow Dafnis Prieto, Benny Greb, Atma Anur and others, guitarists Prasanna, David Gilmore, Rubens De La Corte, Jane Getter and others, bassists Mike Pope, Steve Jenkins, Derek Nievergelt, Panagiotis Andreou and others, vocalists Magos Herrera, Lara Bello and others, pianists Jason Lindner, Manu Koch, Carmen Staaf and others.

These camps have been very popular and have provided a platform for everyone from top professional musicians, fledgling bands, amateur musicians, intermediate and beginner level musicians to all come and share the joy of learning and making music together with world class faculty and facilities.

Below are some of the well known musicians from India who have attended these camps and have been full of praise for it,

Nandini is well known for singing ‘Bhare Naina’ in the film Ra.One. She has been one of the most versatile singers and composers of jingles in India. She was recently rated as one of 10 top women playback singers in India. She has been a regular student of these camps. She also has some musicians from SAM featured in her album ‘Beete Pal’.
Max Clouth is guitarist from Germany, he has a degree in Jazz from Mainz University. He regularly plays with his band Triotonos and also with other musicians, he is also music instructor. He was a student of a camp with Prasanna, Manu Koch, Steve Jenkins and others.
Sanjeev Thomas is a Music Producer, Singer and Guitarist with the band Rainbow Bridge. He is the Lead Guitarist for A. R. Rahman, he has been touring and recording with him. He was student of the camp with Rodney Holmes, Mike Pope and David Gilmore.
Rajeev is the drummer from Thermal And a Quarter (TAAQ) one of India’s best bands. He was a student of a camp with Rodney Holmes, Mike Pope and David Gilmore.
Mithun is the drummer from the band Avial, one of India’s best Alternative Rock band from Kerala. He was a part of the Drum Camp with Benny Greb.

All of them and several other musicians have gained insight into their musicality through these camps which have been a great source of inspiration, knowledge and networking for the students who have attended them.


Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is a 4 acre campus equipped recital halls, ensemble rooms, practice rooms, labs, library with hundreds of books and DVDs, media center and recreation facilities.

Top of the line gear including Kawai Grand and Upright pianos, Kawai Digital Pianos, Mesa Boogie Guitar Amps, Orange Bass Amps, Dixon & PDP drums, Sabian cymbals.

These camps are fully residential, accommodations would be provided in our serviced apartments and 3 meals day would be provided from our multi-cuisine cafeteria.


The Tuition including these facilities, accommodation and 3 meals a day is provided at a very low cost of Rs. 20000, for Indian Applicants and USD 400, for International Applicants, for the 5 days.

To Apply Visit:http://sam.org.in/academics/camps/

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