Marg Team – Participating In Corporate Progress

It is now an accepted fact that the profits created by Corporates is but the present regarding the Society around it and rightly the benefits regarding similar should accrue to the Society that enabled such Corporate growth and surpluses. Many regarding the businesses have shown the method by investment within the regions like education, health, livelihood creation to name a few. Significant efforts have return from Infosys, Tatas and Public Sectors too. Not to be left alone, MARG Team has devised their own ways and means to participate in this payback. PROVISION OF EDUCATION Curriculum is fundamental to mankind.

In line with this college structures have been enhanced, guided read learning centres have been provided in villages and safe passage between building and college provided for children. Building college compound walls, renovating anganwadi centres, construction of fully furnished classrooms, landscaping, provision of h2o tanks in schools shape component regarding the development to help quality education. For any community to release its greatest good well-being and sanitation is a must. Conducting standard health related camps, providing round the like well-being service, provision of an ambulance to meet emergencies, eye screening facilties and all things to make sure that that sickness is kept at bay through the Varummon Kaapom schemes are the highlights. COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURELaying of new roads, strengthening the existing roads, providing supportive concrete infrastructure, provision of flood protection walls stand within the forefront of this work.

SOCIAL CAUSESProvision of street lights, building bus shelters, creation of ponds lakes and other h2o conservation methodologies proved extremely beneficial. SKILL DEVELOPMENTBy enhancing the already existing skills regarding the regional village community, their earning potential was increased substantially. In addition, creating mini jobs and provision of temporary job opportunities have added to their income grades and widely appreciated. Besides Grassroots Position Skill Development Initiatives creating skilled workers out of unskilled ones have instilled within the villagers a sense of self confidence and security regarding the future. Pre-employment training for the youth was a good hit and motivated them to discover a direction in life besides creating them employable.

Conducting job fairs have helped them with at fewest one job per family. ENVIRONMENT Our commitment to increase the tree close has resulted in a determination to plant 200,000 saplings with 25,000 saplings being planted at MARG Swarnabhoomi involving college and college students. We are also proud collaborators together with the GREEN KALAM INITIATIVE that has won nation large acclaim. ENERGY CONSERVATIONThis was done in our own mini ways. Participating within the MARG LIGHTS-OUT CAMPAIGN on 10.

10 highlighting global warming was a good step within the cause of life preservation. RELIEF AND REHABILITATION MARG has responded to emergency situations and provided help in situations of disasters to victims of families and those in distress. Provision of food grains, clothes, vessals, college banks, uniforms, kerosene push stoves and temporary shelters added to the rehabilitation work. ARTS AND CULTURE Publishing books on architectural and sculptural achievements regarding the Pallava kings and bringing to light the wealthy cultural heritage of our people was a primary contribution to the art, heritage and lifestyle status regarding the land. WELFARE MEASURES Provision of tri-cycles for differently abled, sewing machines to women and no.

39;s self help groups and provision of dhotis and sarees to 558 families was the welfare payback. In short, we look honored and are proud to be a worthy participant in our own mini method within the growth and development of our state and nation.



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