FAQ’s on decorating a kids room

To keep you with your kids’ shifting tastes can be a tiring and daunting task, not to mention expensive. Right from your baby’s first nursery to your teenager’s bedroom, decorating it is tricky to get that right look. Here is what our expert has to say:

Which colours should I choose for my 5 year old son’s room?

When it comes to painting a room, it is advisable to choose neutral colours. The reason for this is simple: you can add bright artwork against a subtle back ground.

My kid wants her favourite cartoon painted on the wall. Please suggest what to do?

A kid likes and dislikes change very often. My son was little when I did his room with is favourite Spiderman and not even a year has passed that he has started to ask for a change. Ben 10 has replaced Spiderman. So, now you get what I want to say.
It is always better to have your kid’s favourite cartoon on easily changeable accents such as bedding or wall art. Also, you could go for removable wall papers.

How do I keep my kids toys tidy and also ensure that they are within his reach?

You may use go for stylish play bins with and without wheels, plastic crates or you could even use low shelves for keeping your kid’s toys.

What kind of furniture should I go for my 4 year daughter’s room?

You may go for furniture that doubles up as storage space. This would help you keep your kid’s room uncluttered and at the same time would help you store his/her goodies properly. You may buy a bed that has drawers on the base or benches that have storage space. However, you need to make sure that all the storage places are at a height that your child can reach.

Source: MagicBricks.com Bureau


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