Find out: Costs of 2BHK areas acorss all metros

Real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle elaborates on the prices of 2BHK apartments across the four metros of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai over an area of 1,000 square feet.


Prime property, the weekly real estate reckoner, finds out the prices of 2 BHK apartments across the four metros of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

Mumbai’s property market remains subdued. High prices continue to dampen buyer sentiment. Jones Lang LaSalle is particularly bullish on the western suburbs and Navi Mumbai. It also advises buyers to hold on to purchases for now.

Rohan Sharma, Senior Manager Research, at Jones Lang LaSalle India says, “For a buyer it might make sense for him to see if the continued pressure on developers on unsold inventory makes them come down on prices. That trend has not been seen. But increasing pressure may lead to a situation where they might be able to get better. Schemes are being introduced in which they can enter into the market. So, they might get favourable payment terms and they might want to hold on for a minute and then enter the market.”

Mumbai’s loss is often seen as Pune’s gain. With the average price being less than Rs 5,000 a square feet Jones Lang LaSalle is bullish on Pune as an investment option.

“We have locations like Wakad and Aundh towards western side and Hadapsar which are doing well. However, they are still yet to pick up pace on the overall level of development. So, prices may not move up very quickly”, adds Sharma.

New Delhi’s builder flats have also witnessed a slowdown. Builders in Defence Colony and Panchsheel Park have been finding it difficult to sell independent floors but still don’t want to budge on prices.

These flats are being viewed as too expensive and buyers have a plethora of options in the suburbs of Gurgaon and Noida with bigger specks and plenty of amenities.

“In terms of investment activity the Dwarka Expressway is seeing a lot of launches and good traction. There was a lot of end-user activity in this part of Gurgaon. Now, price points have increased, projects are being offered with better specifications. So, investor activity is also happening here. However, there are situations where a project priced at Rs 6500 a square foot in the primary market from a developer an investor is willing to sell-off at around Rs 5500-5600 a square feet.

Bangalore has seen many launches off-late. Jones Lang LaSalle says prices as well as rents have increased marginally since April. It expects rents for residential properties to continue to head north.

Sharma says, “Hebbal Flyover, in a radius of 3-4 kilometers, there is a good amount of residential activity happening. There is the North-East quadrant which we talk about Bangalore and where most of the residential launches and sales are happening.”

And in Chennai Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) continues to be the hotspot for new launches. However a few high-end launches in the City Centre, where there is little available land, have been witnessed.

Overall Chennai is a stable market with no major movement expected in prices.

“Prices are looking stable in Chennai and they are merging corridors. They will take a while and this is a slightly slower market with respect to overall sales. So, entering today or maybe three, four months down the line would not make much of a difference on pricing”, adds Sharma.

Prices in Kolkata have remained steady. It is not easy to get a home in Central Kolkata as the concept of apartment complexes is still developing. All the action though seems to be at Eastern Metropolitan (EM) bypass and Rajarhat.

Sharma says, “EM Bypass has projects available at higher end segment. They can go as high as Rs 14,000-15,000 a square feet and prices at Rs 7,000-8,000. So, a larger part it is catering to the upper-mid to a slightly luxury segment kind of profile. Rajarhat is slightly on the lower side. It is more an affordable location. Prices are typically between Rs 3,000-5,000 a square feet.”


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