Personal Invitation to September Awakening from Prasanna

SAM,Swarnabhoomi Academy of music,Marg Swarnabhoomi,MUSIC

Hi Musician Friends,

I welcome you to the exciting 5 day Camp ‘September Awakening’ for musicians at SAM from Sept 16-20. One of our enduring traditions ever since we started is to have these 5 day Camps to let musicians from India and abroad to come and enjoy the SAM experience filled with music, learning and amazing networking opportunities in our beautiful campus for 5 days. These Camps are very reasonably priced and are great for sprucing up your skills and giving yourself that extra value addition in musicianship ranging from performance techniques to ensemble playing to creative thinking in virtually ever aspect of music performance in both live and studio contexts. Imagine the experience of losing yourself with some of the best musicians in the world as your faculty and having one big musical feast sharing for 5 days with your fellow Campers and 55 of our Diploma students who come from all over the world.

This particular Camp is special because all our faculty will be in attendance – Vocalists Raphaelle Brochet (France) and Sreyas Narayunan (India), guitarist Alexey Krupsky (Ukraine), bassist Steve Zerlin (USA), Pianist ArcoIris Sandoval (USA), drummer Karina Colis (Mexico), mridangam player Prapancham Ravindran. Between them, they cover virtually every contemporary genre of music from Carnatic, Rock, Classical, Cuban music, Brazilian music, Gypsy Jazz, Fusion Jazz and possibly even a bit of Balinese Gamelan and Persian music coming from Raphaelle.

I will be teaching along with these great musicians too and I look forward to not only sharing my knowledge with you all but also to learn from each one of you in the process!

Come and give this a shot if you are singer or instrumentalist no matter what instrument you play. I can assure you that you will go back transformed, energized and full of ideas, contacts and more!

Register for the camp ASAP at here

Thanks and hope to see you and your friends at the Camp,


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