We are proud of our students – SAM

At Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, we are proud of our students. They represent such talent, diversity, passion and drive that we are constantly reminded of how fortunate we are to be able to share our life with them.

501 students from India, USA, UK, Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo, Oman, Dubai, Tunisia, Australia, Argentina, Iran and Bangladesh have studied here either in our Diploma programs or our short term camps with 80 world-class musicians from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Suriname, Netherlands, Poland, Armenia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Hungary, Venezuela, Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Israel, France, Peru, Albania, Jordan, Ukraine and India in our beautiful 4 acre Campus and our apartment complex.

SAM has attracted established musicians and bands from several countries to further hone their skills in our Diploma Programs and Camps. These include such artists as Sullivan Fortner Jr. (Roy Hargrove Quintet, alumni-Manhattan School of Music), Nandini Srikar, Conrad Reeves (alumni-Oberlin Conservatory), Ayman Boujlida, Something Relevant and others.

The Diploma Program at SAM has been a launch pad for students such as Nishant Parasher, Nirvan Pareva, Sonic Shori and Shivam Khare (Kaash), Apurv Isaac, Homi Rustumji and Yohan Marshall (The Family Cheese), Pranoy Praveen, Saurabh Suman, Jayant Manchanda, Rohit Gupta, Takar Nabam, Siddharth Jain (Adil & Vasundra, Global Music Institute) Srinjay Bannerjee, Jonathan Devadoss, Amandeep Singh Sodhi (Leslie Lewis, Colonial Cousins), Anuraag Saikia (Film Composer) and many more.

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Indian Improv Night, Tomorrow at SAM

Indian Improv Night, Tomorrow at SAM’s Main Recital Hall, 9:00pm. Come have a Musical Night

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Diploma in Music Performance at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music

The Diploma Program in Music Performance at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music provides you with the tools necessary for building a career in music as a performer, composer, songwriter, arranger, producer or teacher.

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SAM offers two Diploma Programs

  • One Year Diploma Program in Music Performance
  • Two year Diploma Program in Music Performance


Students can enrol in the Fall term or in the Spring term each year.

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Personal Invitation to September Awakening from Prasanna

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Hi Musician Friends,

I welcome you to the exciting 5 day Camp ‘September Awakening’ for musicians at SAM from Sept 16-20. One of our enduring traditions ever since we started is to have these 5 day Camps to let musicians from India and abroad to come and enjoy the SAM experience filled with music, learning and amazing networking opportunities in our beautiful campus for 5 days. These Camps are very reasonably priced and are great for sprucing up your skills and giving yourself that extra value addition in musicianship ranging from performance techniques to ensemble playing to creative thinking in virtually ever aspect of music performance in both live and studio contexts. Imagine the experience of losing yourself with some of the best musicians in the world as your faculty and having one big musical feast sharing for 5 days with your fellow Campers and 55 of our Diploma students who come from all over the world.

This particular Camp is special because all our faculty will be in attendance – Vocalists Raphaelle Brochet (France) and Sreyas Narayunan (India), guitarist Alexey Krupsky (Ukraine), bassist Steve Zerlin (USA), Pianist ArcoIris Sandoval (USA), drummer Karina Colis (Mexico), mridangam player Prapancham Ravindran. Between them, they cover virtually every contemporary genre of music from Carnatic, Rock, Classical, Cuban music, Brazilian music, Gypsy Jazz, Fusion Jazz and possibly even a bit of Balinese Gamelan and Persian music coming from Raphaelle.

I will be teaching along with these great musicians too and I look forward to not only sharing my knowledge with you all but also to learn from each one of you in the process!

Come and give this a shot if you are singer or instrumentalist no matter what instrument you play. I can assure you that you will go back transformed, energized and full of ideas, contacts and more!

Register for the camp ASAP at here

Thanks and hope to see you and your friends at the Camp,

5 days of fun and intensive learning at SAM

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music,MARG Swarnabhoomi

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music – MARG Swarnabhoomi

Sept 16-20 – Enroll and Experience the September Awakening and live your dreams – 5 days of fun and intensive learning at SAM with our incredible faculty from around the world – Raphaelle Brochet (Voice/France), Alexey Krupsky (Guitar/Ukraine), ArcoIris Sandoval (Piano/USA), Steve Zerlin (Bass/USA), Karina Colis (Drums/Mexico), Sreyas Narayunan (Carnatic Voice/India), Prapancham Ravindran (Indian Percussion/India) and special guest faculty Prasanna (President of SAM)
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SAM extend a warm welcome to all students for the Fall 2013 semester

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Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music – Marg Swarnabhoomi

The President, Vice-President and the Administrative offices of SAM extend a warm welcome to all students for the Fall 2013 semester. Orientation starts today and this week is Registration and Enrollment week. Our staff in true SAM tradition will go above and beyond the call of duty to get you all settled comfortably during this week of discovery! Classes commence on Aug 19. Each new semester is a time of joy for the entire SAM community as we eagerly look forward to getting to know our new students from around the world, in addition to continuing students. Thanks for choosing to study at SAM – Welcome!

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SAM welcomes the incredible mridangam master PRAPANCHAM RAVINDRAN as its Indian Percussion Faculty for Fall 2013 semester

SAM welcomes the incredible mridangam master PRAPANCHAM RAVINDRAN as its Indian Percussion Faculty for Fall 2013 semester – Ravindran is one of the most acclaimed mridangam players in the scene today and is most well known for his performances in concerts and recordings with SAM President Prasanna. He has performed with legendary names in Carnatic music including Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Voleti Venkateswarulu, Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, Dr. N. Ramani, M.S. Gopalakrishnan, Dr. L. Subramaniam, U. Shrinivas and many others. He is a highly acclaimed composer, bandleader, recording artist and teacher who is known for training numerous mridangam students through his Ravindran Academy of Music. Here are two clips of his masterful playing – one percussion solo with co-SAM Faculty Ghatam Karthick and one clip of a National Television concert with Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna.


SAM President Prasanna and faculty from Jordan – Farah Siraj will be featured in MTV Coke Studio Series 3


SAM President Prasanna and SAM spring 2013 faculty from Jordan – Farah Siraj will be featured in MTV Coke Studio Series 3 as key members of Oscar winning Composer A.R. Rahman’s band. The show will air in Aug 2013 and will be broadcast in several countries around the world. A.R. Rahman talks about the project and the musicians in this Indian Express feature –http://www.indianexpress.com/news/ar-rahman-to-celebrate-the-diversity-of-musical-genres-in-coke-studio/1139212/