MIDAS Workshop

Michael Corr from UK – Creative Director of PLACE , the Bulid Environment center for Northern Ireland , conducted an exclusive workshop for MIDAS students on Design Detailing.

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MIDAS Students Creative Work

Sunand Prasad Past President RIBA Lectures at MIDAS

MIDAS organized a lecture by Mr Sunand Prasad, Penoyre& Prasad Architects and Past President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, London lectured at MIDAS through Skype from London on “School Design”. The lecture was on some of the excellent projects domes by his firm globally and UK in particular.
MIDAS students of 3rd Semester B.arch are presently working on a Community Project at Semmancheri on OMR on a 2 Acres TNHB land. The project would bring the required change in the community through education. The students have been divided into three studios with core and external faculty. This is the second lecture for this project.
Mr Prasad has appreciated the efforts of MIDAS on this arrangement of lectures which is probably first time in Chennai by an architecture school.

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MIDAS – Year End Student Work Exhibition


“Be The Architect Of Your Future” – Sanjay Mohe


MARG Institute organized 6 day exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi in Chennai

The principal of Mindspace architects, Sanjay Mohe has over 20 years of extensive professional practice and has in several National and International award winning creations has addressed the students on his learnings and designs of Architecture.

MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi organized a 6 day exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi in Chennai to showcase the excellent work done by its students throughout the year. World renowned architect Mr. Sanjay Mohe participated in the exhibition and addressed the students of MIDAS and leading architects in the City on Saturday, July 07, 2012.

MIDAS always believes that knowledge is at its best when shared. To accentuate this thought, the students works were being displayed in to Chennai for a 6 day public exhibition from 3rd – 8th July. To reinforce the connection between art and architecture, Lalit Kala Akademi was strategically chosen as a venue to exhibit the student works.

The principal of Mindspace architects, Sanjay Mohe has over 20 years of extensive professional practice and has in several National and International award winning creations has addressed the students on his learnings and designs of Architecture.

On witnessing the MIDAS students’ work Lalit Kala Akademi, Sanjay Mohe commented, “I have been thoroughly impressed by the creativity and artistry of the students of MIDAS.

Each student’s creation is extremely impressive. What stands out in the MIDAS students’ exhibits apart from a full flowing creativity is the energy being exuded. I wish MIDAS students the very best and hope that they will continue this excellent work.”

Student volunteers were physically present at the venue throughout the week to inform and educate the visitors on their work. Student groups from other colleges, academicians and professionals visited the exhibition and shared their valuable suggestions and comments to the students of MIDAS. The comments will help the students and staff to IMPROVE, rectify and move forward.

At MIDAS, the approach towards design pedagogy is systematic where the process of design is given equal importance to the end product. This process is achieved through a series of lectures from in-house faculty members and expert lectures from specialists in the field, design workshops, field trips and expert panel review from practitioners & academicians. Apart from mainstream academics, workshops are conducted as ancillary activities on a fortnightly basis where the students are given hands-on experience to various materials to sharpen their expression in design. These ventures, increases the students sensitivity towards design at the same time enhancing team spirit and collective working.

Congratulating the students, AP Ganessh Ram, CEO – MARG Swarnabhoomi and Education Services, said “It is heartening to witness the amazing work of the MIDAS students, in particular the designs made out of waste materials. As Indian architecture is charting its own path of transformation embedding the concept of sustainable development, these initiatives will inspire students’ creativity towards optimal use of resources.

This exhibition will also generate awareness to the public on efficient use of natural resources and the upcoming NEW AGE ARCHITECTURE. The intelligent handling of waste is a pressing issue today, and we need innovative ways to make constructive use of them. Today, conservation is the key word but tomorrow contribution will be the buzzword, wherein giving back to nature will be imperative. I congratulate the students of MIDAS for their wonderful work and wish them grand success in future endeavours.”

The fieldwork and trips at MIDAS are devised towards widening the perspective on architectural orientation. Students are exposed to design criticism from external experts right from the first semester, thereby gaining allied skills of survival in the profession such as resilience and ability to market their design. The strong professional background of the Core and Visiting faculty members helps them to identify and deliver the apt sequence of exercises & build necessary skills for practice. Each activity, however small builds the scaffold towards preparing the student as fine practitioners in the architectural profession.

Speaking on MIDAS students, their mentor, Prof. Jaffer Khan, Director, MIDAS said, “The academic year 2011-12 had been and exciting year for both the faculty and students of MIDAS. Relentless effort by the faculty and the response by the students have been extra-ordinary. MIDAS is a different school in the sense that we make students “think” rather than just blindly design.

We make them realize that architecture is a demanding profession and hence they have to perfect the art if they have to call themselves “architects”. Our endeavor will be to continue this work relentlessly to produce architects who will think before they draw a line. MIDAS exhibition under f.e.a.t (forum for exchange of architectural thought) will showcase the progressive work at MIDAS and learn from criticism to further grow to make MIDAS a knowledge hub in architecture education in India.”

MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi (MIDAS) is approved by Council of Architecture, New Delhi and is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. It offers B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) Degree program. Compared to other schools of Architecture, MIDAS is unique in terms of its approach to the whole idea of “Architecture”. It focuses on “the spirit and essence of Indian Culture” and intends to evolve over a period of time as an architecture institute which will bring a solution to human habitat problems.

Along with the curriculum of Anna University, MIDAS devises a unique pattern of well researched exercises of International quality. And inspires mind towards a “thinking architecture” phenomenon which has logic and reason. A graduate from MIDAS will become a responsible architect for a developing society.  Architecture is taught here, not just as “building buildings” but to help look at things beyond the walls. It aims to be a trend setting school, breeding architects as leaders and not as subservient robotic characters.

The curriculum at MIDAS is of International Standards and the Professors are from across the globe. This will enable every student to gain extensive knowledge with regard to international architectural standards and movements, right here in India.