Vastu – Colour your home correctly

vastuCan you feel the slight nip in the air early morning and the cool breeze during late evenings. Its welcome winters and goodbye to summers and also time to redress your home according to winter colours.

Colours have a powerful influence on the human mind. Their use is inexpensive and easy. They can make or break the energy. Depending on their use, they make you warm, friendly, calm or irritable. You should choose a colour scheme that appeals to you and which encourages optimism and positivity in life.

When decorating the interiors of your home one should balance colours.

Delicate hues and tones should be balanced to create a soothing haven in your bedroom which is a place of rest and sleep. The colour scheme should produce a calming effect. Don’t forget to place your bed towards the south or east wall and avoid keeping the dressing table in front of it.

Colours should be bolder in the living room which is a place for entertaining guests. One could use bold prints, warm colours and large objects, which would stand out, and yet not go overboard or make the place look gaudy. The idea is to make the room warm and inviting. Palms and money plants or aquarium and water fountain along the north wall would add to the vibrancy of the living room.

A baby’s room should have bright colours, as that is what a baby sees and responds to. A baby cannot differentiate one pale pastel from the other. One could decorate the child’s room in bright pinks, yellows, greens or blues. However too many gizmos in the room is highly avoidable as this will take away the tranquility and make the child feel restless as he grows. For the school going kid, the study should face east. All books should be neatly tucked inside drawers rather than the study table burdened with the load of books above the kid’s head literally.

A small room should be decorated in light soft colours to create an illusion of space. Large rooms can have warm colours. Homes in plains or hot areas should be also be painted and decorated in light colours as this keeps the house cool. Warm colours attract heat; therefore, houses in hills can use lots of red.

It is ideal to paint the ceiling pale blue rendering a feeling of space. Any room getting lots of sunlight should be painted in cool tones of green and blue. A room which is cold and receives little sun, should have warm tones of yellow, orange, red etc.

The colours for principal direction along solar axis depict the rising sun (yellow) and setting sun (blue), where as along the magnetic axis reflects the energies of peace (green) and action (red). The cardinal direction are a derivative there of.

Also while redressing your homes in the onset of winters, please remove all water coolers (to be used during next summer) so that they allow natural light /vital prana into the house.

Source: Magicbricks Bureau