High rises in Chennai instructed to take the eco-friendly route

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Chennai: The state of Tamil Nadu is planning to make it compulsory for the high rise apartment complexes to have a 2% dependency on solar power in order to meet their energy needs. This rule is also most likely to be introduced for hotels, commercial and educational institutes and some of the other major industries. This proposal has been laid down by the environment department of the state. This ‘green’ initiative is expected to reduce the burden on the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. As of now, the TNEB has imposed a power cut of 12 hours per day in a number of rural areas. Majority of the small scale industries have suffered due to the excessive power cuts. If the power insufficiency issue extends further then the State will have to bear heavy losses in terms of revenue as well. The difference of 4,000 MW between the electricity demand and supply will bridged because of this initiative. One KW solar panel with battery costs more than Rs. 2 lac and generates four units per day. Panel without battery costs more than 1 lac and generates five units per day.   

With the successful implementation of this proposal, load shedding issues will be resolved and consistent electricity supply will be ensured in the State.